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Discover Chargeback neden kodları nelerdir?

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Chargeback neden kodları kart şeması bazında değişmektedir. Discover Chargeback neden kodları ve açıklamaları altta yer almaktadır:

Reason Code Description

AP Cancelled Recurring Payment
AW Altered Amount
CD Credit Posted as a Sale
CR Cancelled Reservation
DP Duplicate Processing
NC Not Classified elsewhere
RG Non receipt of goods or services
RM Cardholder disputes quality or goods or services
RN Credit Not Received
DA Declined Authorization
EX Expired Card
IC Illegible Transaction Documentation Provide to Chargeback case
IN Invalid Card Number
IS Missing signature on draft retrieval
LP Late presentment
TF Dispute issued by Discover for a violation of their processing rules
UA10 Request signed receipt for key entered sale
UA20 Request transaction documentation for key entered sale
UA30 Request transaction documentation for card not present sale

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